Olive Producers North East Victoria

The Australian Golden Olive Awards is a very economical show to enter. This show provides olive producers the opportunity to have their olive oils tested and certified as meeting the Australian Standards for Extra Virgin Olive Oils boosting consumer confidence. Decals for the Award your EVOOs have won are also available from OPNEV through our online shop for a limited time each year. Decals can be displayed on your olive oil packaging at a very low cost.

Table Olives will be added to the 2025 Australian Golden Olive Awards.

The cost of entry is … far less than the cost of independent assessment.

A copy of the Chemistry and Organoleptic testing is sent to participants in mid August. These results may be used for the same batch of olive oils entered in other shows (time permitting) or for Australian Olive Association Code of Practice.


An ‘Invitation to Participate’ and ‘Entry Form’ must be completed and returned to the Chief Steward by the required submission date.


Melanie & Rob


Our membership has evolved over the years and we are keen for those new to the industry to become involved and participate in planning and organising workshops to suit their needs. Join us at Olive Producers of North East Victoria, (OPNEV).