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The Australian Golden Olive Awards gives our members and olive growers
across Australia a benchmarking tool and valuable scientific feedback.

About the Awards

Olive Producers North East Victoria, (OPNEV) takes great pleasure in inviting you and your olive business to participate in the Australian Golden Olive Awards.

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Get involved, especially if you are new to the industry. Participate in planning and organising workshops to suit your needs. Join now!

Awards Dinner

OPNEV invites you
to the annual Awards Celebration Dinner and Presentation in, centrally located Victoria.


Victoria produces more than half of Australia’s extra virgin olive oils. In 1998 our association introduced the Australian Golden Olive Awards which allowed our members and olive growers from all over Australia the ability to benchmark their products and to receive valuable scientific information about their yields.

OPNEV has been conducting The Australian Golden Awards for over two and a half decades. This competition is recognised as a flagship in the industry.


Our Awards

The Australian Golden Olive Awards is an economical competition which provides Free Fatty Acid and Peroxide testing on your olive oils from fully accredited laboratories, with results provided to you.

The tests allow you to seek accreditation from the Australian Olive Association (AOA) for their Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) logo and enable you to submit your product in other competitions.

What we do

Olive Producers North East Victoria is a regional association, however we are keen to promote olive products Australia-wide for the mutual benefit of all industry stakeholders, whether these are large companies or a smaller family business.

We believe it is important to encourage the continuing development of olive products across our continent and to provide a vehicle whereby the best in our industry are given due acknowledgement and public profile.

Olive Producers North East Victoria

About Us

Our association, first formed in the late 1990’s, was initially established as a cooperative group of growers, processors and people with an interest in olives. You only need one tree to be a member.

In the early days, we had an extensive educational program on the agricultural aspects of our industry (soil types, pruning techniques, varieties best suited to our region, dealing with pests, fertilizing) and processing aspects (harvesting techniques, pickling and preserving) which included workshops and grove visits as we shared our knowledge.


Our membership has evolved over the years and we are keen for those new to the industry to become involved and participate in planning and organising workshops to suit their needs. Join us at Olive Producers of North East Victoria, (OPNEV).

Key Dates

Friday 16th August 2024

Chemistry Results

Chemistry Results emailed to you.

friday14th June 2024

Invitation to Participate OPEN

Closing date for the return of the Invitation to Participate Form.

12th July 2024

Closing date for Submission of Sample Bottles to Chief Stewards

Closing date for submission of product, entry form and payment to Stewards.


People’s Choice Competition Closes

Closing date for submission of product the People’s Choice Competition.

Friday16TH AUGUST 2024

Celebration Dinner & Awards

Presentation of Awards and Celebration Dinner. Payment no later the 2nd August 2024.